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80 Suits Filed by Energy Corridor Residents So Far

West Houston residents have banded together after the destruction brought by Hurricane Harvey. Families are going over to their neighbor’s houses, helping each other rebuild. Communities are traveling to town halls, corporately calling insurance companies, and assisting each other in this time of need. As the aftermath of Harvey continues to weigh on Energy Corridor residents, one homeowner arguably speaks for the rest when he laments, “They pushed us onto a grenade to save the rest of the city.” So now, with this statement on their hearts, Energy Corridor residents are banding together for yet another Harvey-related fight: to call out the federal government for their choice to flood the Energy Corridor.

In this article, Bloomberg highlights the devastation that West Houston residents endured due to the actions of the federal government. Floodwaters were poured out from the Addicks and Baker dams onto the Energy Corridor around 1:00 am on August 28, only an estimated 8 hours after the initial warning that releases would be made. Most Energy Corridor residents were unprepared for the releases, and many of them were sleeping when the first release came through. Only after the initial release did the Army Corps post a social media press notice informing West Houston residents of the release plans. This lack of communication is reminiscent to the quote, “shoot first and ask questions later.” The people of the Energy Corridor received the brunt end of this brash action and were ill-informed of the fate that was to befall their homes. The government made a direct order to have the Energy Corridor flooded with runoff water, which is why 80 lawsuits have been filed against the federal government.

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