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Attorney Kyle Findley Gives Advice for Hurricane Preparation

One year after Hurricane Harvey, thoughts of the brutal storm weigh heavy on the residents of Houston. In Meyerland, residents are still cleaning up from Harvey as the hurricane season advances into its most active months. Residents of Houston are preparing for the next big hurricane, even as they haven't fully recovered from the last one. They hope to avoid the level of destruction witnessed during Harvey. This season's preparation has forced residents to learn the best practices that are needed to focus on for the next big storm.

Arnold & Itkin Attorney Kyle Findley, who helped many victims recover in Harvey’s aftermath, was contacted by Houston’s abc13 News for advice on improving hurricane preparedness. Findley advised residents about keeping up-to-date documents for storm readiness. Having documentation of your possessions creates a record for insurance claims and FEMA reimbursements. Without proper documents, those who suffer hurricane losses will not obtain proper compensation.

"It is important to have documentation because there are many situations for people who do have insurance who submit their claim and do not receive their full compensation." – Attorney Kyle Findley

Preparation is also being expanded into the infrastructure of the city. Texas A&M is preparing students with flood risk reduction education. This will equip future builders with the knowledge needed to create a Houston that is designed to withstand hurricanes. Additionally, Houston residents are taking it upon themselves to raise their houses above the flood line in hopes they prevent future devastation.

Those who lost everything last year are still attempting to get what they need to get back on their feet. If you are still struggling to rebuild from the damage Hurricane Harvey caused, call our hurricane insurance lawyers today at (888) 400-2101. Our firm has spent the last year helping residents and businesses harmed by the destruction Harvey left behind. As a Houston law firm, we feel driven to get results for the sake of our community and neighbors seeking recovery.