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Good News: Port Aransas Tourism Recovering Faster Than Expected

Several months ago, the Port Aransas Chamber of Commerce had some bad news for the coastal town's residents: Spring Break 2018 would only see a 20-percent recovery for the town, and it would take roughly 5 years before the community's tourism business returned to normal.

Thankfully, that's not entirely true anymore.

Like we all hoped they would, Texas residents came to Port Aransas for spring break and summer vacation, boosting the local economy far faster than the Chamber of Commerce predicted. Vacationers, renters, and diners all made this tourist season a rallying point for local businesses and hotels. The new recovery estimate is two years shorter based on this season alone.

"We're almost a year into our recovery and I think we're further along than most other destinations of our type that have been impacted by a Cat 4," said Chamber President Jeffrey Hentz, "but my gut feeling tells me that within three years we're going to be pretty close to where we were pre-Harvey."

For Many, Hardships Are Still Ahead

Roughly 70-150 homes still needed major repairs or rebuilding as of early July, according to Hentz. Current estimates have the number of homes at around 80, but the figures could rise based on homeowner surveys that have yet to arrive. Port Aransas has benefited from more than 300,000 volunteer work hours since last year, but the city needs funds—funds that only come from thriving businesses and households.

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