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Rebuilding Beach Towns: What Hurricane Harvey Taught Developers

Cinnamon Shore is a luxury apartment complex nestled along 63 acres of Texas coast in the small community of Port Aransas. When developers built it 10 years ago, they knew that their investment was sitting along miles of beach that have been hit by multiple devastating hurricanes in its past. With this knowledge, builders reinforced structures to minimize damage and prevent losses from a natural disaster. When Harvey brought down $125 billion in damage to the coastal area, Cinnamon Shore escaped significant damage. With damage on all sides, the luxury development stood as a testament to the power of building for a storm.

Why Cinnamon Shore’s Success Matters

According to a recent profile on Bloomberg, Cinnamon Shore should serve as an example to future coastline construction projects. As catastrophic storms are projected to become a more common occurrence, developers will need to build with preparedness. Confidence in construction methods is encouraging more development on the Gulf Coast. Bloomberg noted that investment in the area has increased by 60 percent in the last 5 years—a rate that is about double seen in the rest of the nation.

After Harvey, only 20 of Cinnamon Shore’s 140 structures had enough damage for insurance claims. Just 6 days after the storm, sales at the resort had already resumed. Buyers saw that building codes mattered, and confidently bought into Cinnamon Shores just days after the disaster.

Cinnamon Shores is proof that Port Aransas is ready to weather the next storm with the proper building codes. As Port Aransas continues to rebuild, tourism continues to return to the area. Now, with stronger buildings, the residents of this beautiful beach community can rest assured that the next storm will not be as devastating.