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Assisting Hurricane Harvey Survivors 6 Months Later

Texans still need serious help six months after Hurricane Harvey. The Texas government is asking for over $100 billion of relief from the federal government, but this request is likely to go unfilled. This means other Americans and philanthropists must stand with Texans through these hard times.

If you are looking to help the people of Texas, here are some great avenues that can provide assistance today.

  1. Donate to Save the Children: Over 100 child care facilities were affected by Hurricane Harvey, which means that many families are struggling to work two jobs and find reliable caretaking services. For this reason, Save the Children has banded together with child care facilities to improve the quantity and quality of Texas child care services.
  1. Take a Trip to the Texas Coast: The coastline of Texas was hit hard by Hurricane Harvey, and the tourism industry on the Texas Coast halted to a standstill for some time. Experts say that visiting the coastline and spending money at local businesses can help the families and communities of Texas recover from their financial hardships. If you would like to help yourself to a vacation while you help others, this is an excellent choice of philanthropy work!
  1. Donate to the Greater Houston Community Foundation: The Harvey Relief Fund was created by the Houston mayor and the Harris County Judge. This fund directly aids nonprofits that are trying to help Texas citizens who have been hit hardest by the floods. These nonprofits are on the ground in Houston—and, in many ways, they are some the most qualified groups of people to decide how money should be spent for Harvey survivors.
  1. Spend Time & Volunteer: Texas needs a lot of manual labor to clear out debris, to work on repairs, and to help Texan citizens feel cared for by the American peoples. All Hands and Hearts- Smart Response has committed to the Houston area for two years. They will reportedly pay for flights if you are committed to working more than two weeks.

Texans with Outstanding Insurance Claims Can Get Help

Many charities focus on immediate needs of families who are struggling to survive. Though a worthwhile endeavor, the needs of a family without a home will turn from food and medicine to permanent housing. For this reason, it is important that Hurricane Harvey survivors receive their insurance checks.

However, obtaining an insurance check can be difficult without legal help. Companies are prone to stalling their insurance payments, waiting for families to become desperate for aid. Since six months have passed since Harvey hit, Texas families are likely to be desperate for insurance aid. Arnold & Itkin warns families to talk to a professional insurance attorney before accepting any offer from an insurance company.

If you need help deciding if an insurance offer is right for you, contact our firm for help. Call (888) 400-2101