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Congress Criticized for Delaying Hurricane Harvey Recovery in Texas

When disaster strikes in America, the federal government’s response time is often a key part of the rehabilitation process for the affected community. Government vehicles, personnel, and other resources must be made readily available for any and all disasters. While the federal government’s immediate response to Hurricane Harvey was good, Congress is now heavily criticized by Texas officials for their slow deliberations in helping post-flood communities.

Congress Fails to Approve Relief Package

Five months after Hurricane Harvey, the Texas government is still requesting $60 billion for recovery efforts. However, Congress has been slow to agree on a respite package for disaster relief. The U.S. House of Representatives agreed on an $81 billion disaster relief package, but the Senate has yet to approve the amount. For this reason, the Texas Land Commissioner and the Houston Mayor have gone on the record as critical of the Senate’s hesitation.

The Texas Land Commissioner said, “Politics has gotten in the way (…) People are waiting, they need help, and we need Congress to act,” while adding: “We thought by the end of the year we would have a final conclusion on the disaster recovery package and it’s been too long.”

The Houston Mayor has stated that he is, “very, very, very disappointed that Texas has not been treated with the same degree of respect (as other states),” in regards to recovery efforts in the past compared to Harvey’s recovery.

The Recovery Amount Is Not Dedicated to Texas Citizens

If and when the Senate passes a disaster relief package, Texas will not be the only state getting a piece of the pie. Many natural disasters have hit America in 2017, and the federal government must supply funds to each and every one through this relief package.

For example, the following locations will receive part of the relief package total:

  • Florida - Hurricane Irma
  • Virgin Islands - Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Maria
  • Puerto Rico - Hurricane Maria
  • California - October Wildfires

So, even when the relief package does come through, there are other locations that need assistance as well.

Insurance Carriers Need to Be Held Accountable

While the Senate is taking a long time to vote in the relief package, there are other entities that are impacting the relief efforts more—insurance companies. Texas citizens have been waiting for relief from their insurance carriers for a long time. However, the sad thing about insurance carriers is that holdups can lead to citizens getting less relief than they are contractually obligated to obtain based on their insurance plan. 

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