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Corporate Donations Have Rolled in for Hurricane Harvey Relief

During the terrifying stretch of Hurricane Harvey, many corporations were moved to compassion by the stories and pictures of the widespread damages. Many of them pledged to give various amounts of relief monies to different charities. However, when Harvey passed and relief efforts began, many corporations’ donations were put on the backburner.

Despite the delay, a recent Houston Chronicle article states that many businesses who vowed to donate monies have just recently made good on their commitments. This means that a number of charity services are able to provide Houston residents with more aid relief.

Direct Relief was reportedly given $115,000 from eBay based on checks that came in on November 10. There active aid campaigns for survivors of Hurricane Harvey can be found here. Direct Relief will reportedly donate medications to 50 Texas medical clinics.

Red Cross is another charity that was awaiting funds from promised corporate donations. While the Red Cross would not give an update to their relief funds, they are actively assisting Houston residents who need help. One Red Cross Shelter was opened on December 26 in South Houston, although it is unclear if it is still in service. If you would like to help families who are in need, you can sign up to volunteer for the Red Cross here.

Charities May Not Be Enough Aid for You and Your Family

The donations that were given to these charities by various companies were generous. However, when the recovery effort is suspected to take more than 60 billion dollars, these donations cannot go very far in helping individual families. For many Houstonians, the relief they need now is an insurance payout that is fair and timely. Unfortunately, insurance carriers are not committed to helping Harvey citizens.

This is where Arnold & Itkin can help. Our law firm is committed to holding insurance carriers accountable to the promises they made to communities and families when they offered insurance contracts. Our goal as a firm is to help as many families as possible get the relief that they need to permanently recover from Hurricane Harvey. Shelters and medications only go so far. Arnold & Itkin can offer a permanent solution for Houston citizens in need.

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