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Port Aransas Continues March to Recovery

In the year since Hurricane Harvey devastated the Gulf Coast, we have been following the recovery of Port Aransas. Just one month after Harvey, we reported that Port Aransas was struggling to recover. Then, we checked in 6 months later to find that the city was still struggling but was hoping for spring break tourism to boost the local economy.

Following a spring break that was more successful than projected, Port Aransas shortened its recovery estimation from 5 years to 2 years. However, the community still had massive steps to take before it reached real full recovery.

Today, more good news has emerged for the residents of the small tourist destination: the town is receiving more funds for rebuilding, and a massive $1.3 billion-dollar development is moving forward.

Two Large Grants Awarded for Recovery

On October 31, the U.S. Secretary of Commerce announced that Port Aransas would be awarded a $5 million grant. This grant will help the city make improvements to its downtown and rebuild the docks and buildings that are still considerably damaged from the unprecedented storm. It will also purchase land that the city needs to provide services which will help create or maintain 130 jobs.

During the same week that the $5 million grant was announced, a second was handed down by FEMA. The organization has awarded the Port Aransas Independent School District $1.2 million. This grant is intended to help cover the costs that the district spent on equipment needed for cleaning up its facilities. Superintendent Sharon McKinney stated that the funds would help cover expenses that insurance did not cover.

$1.3 Billion Investment Moves Forward

October continued to be a month of good news for Port Aransas after developers revealed that they are moving forward with a $1.3 billion expansion of Cinnamon Shore. The investment will bring the development into its second phase of development. The second phase was initially supposed to begin in the summer of 2017. However, Harvey’s landfall meant that the development’s progress was significantly delayed. Though it suffered minor damage, construction resources were devoted to rebuilding the homes and businesses be;longing to Port Aransas residents.

Now, a year later, developers have officially broken ground to begin building new additions to Cinnamon Shore. The expansion will add luxury homes, a gym, restaurants, and retail locations. Additionally, a 10-acre lake will be constructed at the site and will feature one of the largest swimming pools in Texas.

Resilience Pays Off

After their city was ravaged by the unforgiving winds and waters of Hurricane Harvey, the residents of Port Aransas have shown the power of perseverance. Though there is still more work to accomplish, Port Aransas has had an unconquerable fighting spirit. In true Texan style, they've stood strong in the face of adversity.

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