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Harris County Bond Program Works Toward Flood Protection

On August 23, 2017, Governor Greg Abbott issued a disaster declaration for the counties of Texas damaged by the flood waters of Hurricane Harvey. Today, over one year later, the damage caused by Harvey lingers. Though some areas have made massive strides toward recovery, the Governor of Texas extended his declaration of disaster for the twelfth consecutive month last August.

The declaration covers 60 Texas counties affected by floods caused by the historic 2017 hurricane. The state still has considerable progress to make in the recovery process.

Texans Continue to Show Their Resilience

Texans across the state are remaining vigilant during the difficult process of rebuilding the areas most damaged by Harvey. Earlier this month, we reported that Port Aransas is recovering faster than originally projected. The coastal town is two years ahead of schedule thanks to the partial return of the tourist economy.

The residents of Harris County are also taking steps toward recovery and flood prevention. After the hurricane devastated the county with floods that were up to 40 feet deep, officials and residents are acting to implement flood prevention measures. Recently, voters approved a $2.5 billion flood bond. The bond will provide funds needed to fix infrastructure, buy out homes, and implement a new flood warning system. Though the bond raises taxes for Harris County residents, voters have come together to protect their community.

“This is our chance to tell the world we’re going to get serious about flood control," said Harris County Judge Ed Emmett.

You Don’t Have to Wait for Help

The Hurricane Harvey claims attorneys at Arnold & Itkin are relieved to hear communities are acting to help their residents and prevent damage from future storms. However, there is no need to wait for bonds and measures to pass for relief.

Our lawyers have been fighting for victims of Hurricane Harvey since the earliest days of recovery. In fact, we’ve helped Texans all over the state get the financial help they need from their insurance company to rebuild their homes and restart their lives.

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