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Harvey Victims Still Struggling to Piece Lives Back Together

When Hurricane Harvey made its way to land, it brought waters that flooded more than 300,000 structures and caused over $125 billion dollars in damage. As the rebuilding process continues, a recent survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 30 percent of residents in the Texas Gulf Coast area are struggling. Participants in the survey included residents from 24 Texas counties that were hit the hardest by Harvey.

The survey found that many Texans are still experiencing trouble by being displaced by the storm. For those that suffered severe damage to their homes, 8 percent are still displaced. However, this number takes a significant leap when looking at low-income neighborhoods in the Golden Triangle. These areas include Beaumont, Orange, and Port Arthur, Corpus Christi, and Rockport. Residents in these areas report being displaced at more than twice the rate of other parts of Texas—20 percent of residents in these areas are still struggling with displacement.

Elena Marks, president and CEO of the Episcopal Health Foundation, commented, “One year later, many of those with the fewest resources are still struggling to bounce back from Harvey’s punch. This kind of information is crucial to letting government and other recovery groups know what Texans still need for a long-term comeback.”

The Disproportionate Spread of Struggle

Unfortunately, an alarming amount of those who need help the most are reporting that they are not receiving it. Of those who were affected by Harvey, 42 percent are reporting that they are not receiving the assistance they need to return to normalcy. The numbers increase when income and race are taken into consideration. In the Golden Triangle, 50 percent of residents report they still need help and 60 percent of African American families report that they are not receiving the help that they need to move back into homes.

Every resident deserves recovery, and it is unacceptable that Texans are still struggling. If you are struggling with obtaining recovery or are seeking recovery from an insurance claim, help is available—regardless of race, social status, or income. The hurricane recovery attorneys at Arnold & Itkin have been helping Hurricane Harvey victims since the flood waters were still present. As residents of Houston, the situation caused by Harvey is personal. The storm affected our friends, families, and communities. We believe that all residents deserve recovery and we will continue to pursue justice for our neighbors.

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