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What Those in Hurricane Florence’s Path Can Learn from Harvey

Hurricane Florence is currently making its way over the Atlantic Ocean and is predicted to hit the East Coast. The storm is predicted to bring monumental rainfall that could break all-time state records and cause flooding that the nation hasn’t seen since Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston area in 2017. Experts are reporting that, due to an already wet rainy season, areas of Virginian, The Carolinas, and surrounding states are primed to flood. With the devastation that Harvey caused, these tips will help those who are at risk of flooding on the east coast.

Heed Evacuation Warnings

If you are in an area that is in the path of the storm, listen to evacuation orders and follow them thoroughly. In fact, do not wait for specific orders before you prepare. Make a checklist of items that you want to bring with you, pack bags early, and place important items that you are leaving home in the highest location possible. Importantly, bring any important papers and documents with you as they are at an increased risk of water damage.

Make a Record of Possessions

If your house is flooded, having a record of your possessions will help ensure maximum recovery from insurance claims made after the waters recede. Record videos of the interior and exterior of your house. This will provide adjusters with a critical amount of evidence regarding the compensation you are entitled to. Things to record include personal possessions, the condition of your house, and any other pieces of valuable property that is at risk of being flooded.

Do Not Underestimate the Storm

When Hurricane Harvey caused flooding, residents who were not experiencing flooding thought they were some of the lucky few who escaped the storm. Then, as rains continued to fall, these same individuals scrambled to rescue their property and lives from sudden flood waters. Being prepared is always the best options for your health, property, and overall recovery should the storm cause damage.

Be Prepared to Help

The portion of the nation that was flooded by Harvey is still in recovery. Even has homes are rebuilt, possessions are replaced, and livelihoods are restored, affected residents are still struggling from last year’s storm mentally. Community support is one of the most essential tools for healing. Talk to those around you to build a network of emotional support. During Harvey, we were touched by the giving nature of individuals who donated supplies and opened their homes to those who needed a place to stay. In the wake of a storm, sometimes each other is the only thing we have.