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Non-Profit Reaches Out to Orange County Residents Struggling from Hurricane Harvey

Nearly 16 months after Hurricane Harvey, an Orange County non-profit has held an outreach on Saturday, January 5 for residents still rebuilding from Hurricane Harvey. The event was organized by Orange County Disaster Rebuild at the Orange County Convention Center. Residents will be able to speak with various case managers from the non-profit and will also be able to speak with Texas officials and the Red Cross.

The Sabine River Flooding

When Hurricane Harvey brought unprecedented amounts of rain down on Texas, reservoirs were nearing capacity. Portions of Southeast Texas experienced flooding shortly after a decision was made to by authorities to open a dam at capacity. Residents of Jasper, Tyler, Newton, and Orange County filed lawsuits accusing authorities of failing to maintain a proper water level before Hurricane Harvey arrived. Residents argued that officials needlessly flooded homes by allowing water levels to remain too high for the benefit of a fishing tournament. A lawsuit is currently in the appeals process.

Flood Victims Deserve Recovery

Regardless of fault, all flood victims deserve recovery. Over 300 families are still in FEMA trailers and require significant repairs to their homes or complete rehousing. FEMA is scheduled to begin charging rent for the trailers in February as families still struggle to have repairs honored by both private and government insurance policies.

If you are struggling to have an insurance claim honored for damage caused by Hurricane Harvey, there is still hope. Our attorneys have helped countless people just like you reach the recovery they deserve. As Houston residents, our lawyers saw the destruction that Harvey caused and will not accept the dishonest tactics that insurance companies use to avoid paying claimants.

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