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Does Car Insurance Cover Hurricane Damage?

After Hurricane Harvey, images of the damage caused by the storm covered every news outlet. The images of Hurricane Harvey survivors were unforgettable. As people waded to their homes or boated through their streets, one of the most common sites was thousands of cars, partially submerged and destroyed by the unforgiving storm. So, does car insurance cover damage caused to a vehicle by a hurricane? It depends.

Comprehensive Insurance Matters

Unfortunately, drivers frequently drop comprehensive coverage to save money on their policy. This type of coverage helps replace or repair a vehicle if it is stolen or damaged in any incident that isn't a collision. The law does not require drivers to have a comprehensive policy, but comprehensive coverage will be sorely missed when hurricanes and other disasters occur.

A comprehensive policy will cover damage up to your car’s value before it occurred. Comprehensive insurance will also help cover the costs of renting a vehicle while yours is out of commission. However, this amount varies with every policy, so it is essential to know how much rental reimbursement your policy provides.

Comprehensive insurance typically covers incidents such as the following:

  • Flooding
  • Falling objects
  • Fire
  • Hail
  • Vandalism
  • Damage from animals

It's important to note that comprehensive insurance only covers damage to a car. If a person loses valuables inside of their car during a storm, these must be replaced or paid for through a home insurance claim.

Car Insurance Claims After a Flood

When someone pays their insurance premiums for years, they reasonably expect insurers to provide assistance when they need it. Unfortunately, some insurers don't handle claims like they should. To protect profits, many insurers delay payment or offer a lower settlement than you deserve. By frustrating their claimants, they're hoping claimants will either give up on their claim or take a low-ball offer, both of which saves the insurance company money.

If you're having trouble with an insurance claim after a powerful storm, help is available from the insurance claims attorneys at Arnold & Itkin. Our hurricane car insurance attorneys are experienced in dealing with insurance companies and can help you maneuver around their tactics.

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