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Hurricane Delta Hits Louisiana, Leaves Trail of Destruction

On October 10, 2020, Hurricane Delta made landfall in Louisiana. The storm tied a record as the fourth named storm of 2020 to reach the state. It also broke a record as the tenth named storm make landfall in the United States—the most ever for the country. The storm rolled through Louisiana, causing flooding and wind damage. About 400,000 households and businesses were left without power.

As Hurricane Delta traveled Southeast, it weakened to a post-tropical cyclone, causing at least two tornados in Georgia. Additionally, there are reports of possible tornados touching down throughout North and South Carolina.

Lake Charles Hit Particularly Hard by Hurricane Delta

According to reports, the storm brought as much as 17 inches of rain to parts of Louisiana. For areas such as Lake Charles, an area hit hard by Hurricane Laura, the rainfall from Delta was particularly unwelcome. According to Lake Charles Mayor Nic Hunter, Hurricane Delta brought more flooding than Laura did.

"Already we're picking up the pieces, but we have quite a road ahead of us. There's a lot of homes that were damaged from Laura, and now it's just adding insult to injury," the Governor John Bel Edwards said Saturday.

The governor confirmed that more than 9,000 people are in shelters throughout the state, with most of them being evacuees from Hurricane Laura.

Hurricane Delta Adds to Record-Setting Storm Season

Earlier this year, we reported that the hurricane season had the potential to be particularly bad. Now, so many storms have been strong enough to be named that all letter of the alphabet were exhausted to name them. When this happens, meteorologists turn to the Greek alphabet to name storms—making the name “Hurricane Delta" somewhat rare and unfamiliar in a region that regularly sees named storms.

So far, the United States has had five hurricanes make landfall this year, the most since 2005. The worst storm season on record occurred in 1916, when nine hurricanes made landfall. There have been 25 named storms during the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season.

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