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Hurricane Harvey: 4 Years Later

It’s been more than four years since Hurricane Harvey dumped one trillion gallons of water on Harris County, Texas. Over the course of four days, the county saw more rainfall than it usually gets in an entire year. A Category 4 storm, Harvey caused billions of dollars in damage from extensive flooding and winds of up to 100 mph in some areas, even reaching 130 mph. Houses and buildings were destroyed. Reservoirs overflowed. Highways flooded. About 30 percent of Harris County was covered in water.

Texas has been rebuilding ever since. Residents, business owners, volunteers, and government agencies have been working to restore Houston and all of Harris County over the past four years, and they’re still working. This 2020-2021 timeline shows what progress has been made not only to rebuild these areas but to revamp the county’s drainage infrastructure, which will help the region withstand severe flooding in the future. This is crucial, especially with climate change potentially bringing more storms and stronger hurricanes.

What Is Being Done to Rebuild & Restructure Harris County?

The Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) has been working alongside partners such as the Harris County Engineering Department, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and the City of Houston to rebuild and restructure Harris County after Hurricane Harvey. As of November 2020, all Harvey repairs were considered complete at more than 800 damage sites.

Throughout 2021, HCFCD and partnering agencies have continued to build and improve bridges, watersheds, tributaries, storm sewers, stormwater detention basins, rainfall data gage stations, and more, all of which will help arm the county against future storms.

Harvey’s Impact on the 2021 Houston Real Estate Market

The visible damage Hurricane Harvey caused has been repaired, but the Houston real estate market is still experiencing the storm’s effects. During the 2021 hurricane season, for example, homebuyers can expect to see price decreases in areas that had severe flooding during Harvey and higher prices in areas that did not experience flooding. While the overall value of Harris County homes has been on the rise since 2019, the median home value dropped from $298,000 in June 2021 to $285,000 in September 2021.

Harvey Continues to Affect Businesses & Residents Alike

Huge steps have been taken to rebuild Harris County and help Texas weather storms like Harvey. Unfortunately, businesses and residents are still dealing with the impact that Hurricane Harvey has had on car insurance and flood insurance. Then, there’s the question of whether enough has been done. When Tropical Storm Nicholas made landfall along the Texas coast in mid-September, it took out power for more than 500,000 residents in the Houston area. More than six million people were placed under flash flood alerts. The unfortunate truth is that people, businesses, and governments can plan and prepare to no end, but there’s no telling how severe future storms may be and how new infrastructure will support unprecedented rainfall, floods, and wind when it matters most.

When Mother Nature deals out the worst blows, we rely on our insurance companies to help us rebuild. When they shirk their duty, they need to be held accountable. Our Hurricane Harvey attorneys are committed to helping any individual or business who has been adversely affected by a storm. Call (888) 400-2101 today to learn how.