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What If It’s Been Months & I Haven’t Been Paid?

Why the Cost of Hiring an Attorney Is Always Worth Paying

Insurance companies have operated on a highly-successful profits-first model for over a decade—increasing their profits by tens of billions of dollars. Unfortunately for us, those profits have been built on the back of delayed and underpaid claims, which force insured businesses to settle for less than they would otherwise deserve. If you haven’t seen a dime of your payout for months, it’s not a fluke—it’s a common tactic employed by commercial insurers to get you to settle your claim for pennies on the dollar.

These strategies presume you’re not an expert and make filing a civil lawsuit costly in terms of time and money.

The most disappointing part of the conduct of insurance companies is that their approach worksbecause business owners try to handle their claims without legal support. Insurance companies have spent decades trying to make themselves bulletproof in the eyes of the law—the odds of a business owner (even a savvy one) being able to navigate the legal process successfully is low.

Insurers can afford to make you wait for years; after all, they know that you cannot do anything beyond file a complaint or an appeal. In fact, many times insurance companies will spend more defending claims than it would cost the insurance company to simply pay the claim in the first place. However, the power dynamic changes completely when you choose to hire an insurance claims lawyer. It forces insurers to begin playing it straight instead of keeping your claim in limbo for months or years.

Frankly, businesses are unlikely to recover without an attorney's help.
The cost of hiring a lawyer to handle your claim is far outweighed by the potential benefit. In contrast, the cost of not hiring an insurance claim attorney could hurt your business' chance of survival.

How to Expedite Your Business Claim

The key to expediting your claim is putting the pressure back onto the insurance company: hire an insurance claims lawyer to represent your interests. At Arnold & Itkin, we have seen it again and again—our clients often come to us having made no progress on their claims. Once we notify the insurance company that we’ll be handling the claim from now on, adjusters are more than happy to start playing ball. We often go the distance against obstinate insurance companies who swore they would not pay a dime, only for them to settle for everything our client needed the day before trial. Our ability to secure settlements from insurance companies has allowed us to win billions in recovery for our clients, whether it be through jury verdicts or settlements.

If you hire Arnold & Itkin to handle your claim, here's how the process will go:

  • Our team's expert adjusters and damage experts will assess your damages accurately.
  • We'll provide evidence backing your insurance claim.
  • We'll let the insurance company know we're ready to go to court if they don't settle for what you need.
  • The company will settle or we'll take them to court.

This approach is what allows us to get more for our clients that they'd be able to get on their own. Without the threat of legal action (which only a lawyer can offer), insurance companies feel emboldened to keep you waiting without reason.

We Are Arnold & Itkin. We Are Texans. We Are Going to Fight to Make This Right.

Harvey has made businesses in Texas vulnerable—some of our staff lost their homes, their cars, and more. Instead of reaching out with relief, commercial insurers do what they’ve always done: delay, delay, delay. Rather than being part of South Texas' recovery, insurance companies are keeping our cities down, forcing business owners to settle for less than we need to fully rebuild. If insurance companies won’t be part of the solution voluntarily, Arnold & Itkin will hold them accountable in court.

We refuse to let it continue. If you want to file a claim through our firm or learn about all of your legal and financial options, contact us online or call us at (888) 400-2101.