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Underpaid Claims

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What If My Insurance Claim Is Being Underpaid?

If your settlement offer seems low considering the damage you’ve suffered, you’re not alone.

Insurance companies make an enormous profit from underpaying claims. Since the 1990s, major commercial insurance providers for businesses in the greater Houston area have utilized the McKinsey Model of insurance settlement. The model calls for the insurance company to offer its claimants a fraction of their total entitlement, forcing insured businesses to either:

  • Take the low-ball offer, or
  • Refuse the offer and fight for more—extending their claim indefinitely.

This system offers fast payouts for business owners who are willing to settle for fraction of what they deserve. However, for companies that demand full payment on their claims, the process could be delayed for months. The goal of the McKinsey strategy (originally developed with Allstate and ironically called “Good Hands or Boxing Gloves”) was to make suing insurance companies so exorbitantly expensive that lawyers would refuse take your case.

Since adopting the McKinsey model, insurance companies have made a killing depriving their clients of much-needed funds. Allstate alone made nearly $5 billion in 2007 alone—double its earnings from pre-McKinsey days.

You Do Not Need to Take a Low-Ball Offer

If you’re a small business, the best thing you can do is raise as much money as you can to stay in operation while your claim is being processed. Do not take the low-ball offer. Call Arnold & Itkin to review your legal and financial options. Our firm has won billions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for clients throughout Texas and across the U.S. Like most Texans, our own firm has been dealing with the fallout of Hurricane Harvey firsthand—and now we’re dealing with the insurance companies same as you.

The difference is we’ve faced these cases before. We know how insurance companies use vulnerabilities against you, how they’ll try to pressure you into settling for pennies on the dollar. We won’t stand for it. These insurance companies are hundreds of miles from the damage, but our firm is in the thick of it with you. We're fighting for the people who have lost their livelihoods in Corpus Christ, Rockport, Port Aransas, Beaumont, and the greater Houston area. We are Texans—we help our neighbors. It’s who we are.

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