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Insurance Agent Lawsuit

When Bad Faith Caused Your Losses, Hold Agents Responsible

Commercial Insurance Agent Lawsuits

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Hurricane Harvey dumped trillions of gallons of water on South Texas and ripped buildings apart with 130 mph winds, starting a domino effect that left entire communities devastated. Harvey is about to do something else too—reveal insurance company practices for being unethical, greed-driven tactics. Since the mid-1990s, insurance companies silently remade themselves into profit-driving machines by delaying claims, pressuring businesses into accepting settlements significantly smaller than deserved.

With a new industry-wide focus on maximizing revenue instead of providing a service, agents were trained to sell policies that they never intended to fully pay. They knew adjusters were being trained to offer low-ball settlements and delay claims for weeks or months, so agents started offering commercial coverage that was clearly never going to provide for a business’s needs.

The approach worked: the insurance industry made billions in revenue, while individuals and businesses were left on the hook for losses they thought were covered. Business interruption claims were left unpaid or were delayed for years, despite many firms paying tens of thousands of dollars in annual premiums. Ex-adjusters from multiple national insurance providers revealed that they were instructed to deny claims or falsify damage reports—meanwhile, insurance companies made it so costly to sue them that many lawyers turned down cases. If your insurance agent is handling your case poorly, it may not be an accident—it might be their strategy. If that’s the case, you might have grounds to hold the agent accountable in court for your losses.

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For a decade, Arnold & Itkin has been synonymous with thorough investigation and life-changing results. Our insurance lawyers have secured billions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients—much of it from the largest insurance companies in the United States. Businesses rely on us to protect their rights and interests, especially when their needs strike so close to home.

Ensuring the recovery of Texas means ensuring the recovery of businesses. We refuse to let agents get away with using unethical tactics to force acceptance of unfair settlements. We also refuse to let bad insurance agents defraud or mistreat our communities. Using our own adjusters, damage experts, and litigators, we can develop a case that demonstrates your agent’s wrongdoing in court. We have the resources to go toe-to-toe with industry giants, allowing you to face them on a level playing field.

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