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Why Hire Arnold & Itkin for Your Insurance Claim?

If you need help filing your Hurricane Harvey claim for damages from flooding, high winds, or business interruption, reach out to our insurance lawyers today. Call (888) 400-2101 or use our short online form for legal assistance.

Why Lawyers Are Needed to Handle Commercial Insurance Claims

The next few months could cause more financial damage to businesses than Hurricane Harvey itself. The devastating loss of equipment, employees, and customers means businesses are at the mercy of commercial insurers—the same people who sold them promises that they unlikely to honor without legal intervention. Many of these insurers are more than happy to delay or deny your claim based on technicalities, legal loopholes, or other tactics in their arsenal to protect their profits (not businesses).

In the mid-1990s, insurance companies realized they could boost profits by putting pressure on businesses to settle for less than their claim deserved. The pressure came in the form of delays, needless investigations, and disagreements regarding the minute details of each claim. For interruption claims, it’s often months or years before businesses get a single cent of relief. As a result, insurance companies force businesses to accept insultingly low payouts—or risk never recovering at all.

Good lawyers level the playing field between insurance companies and businesses. They provide the resources, legal firepower, and experience necessary to file a successful claim. Without a lawyer on your side, the insurance company has all the power during your settlement process—and they know it. Without a lawyer, anything a claimant might throw at an insurance company amounts to little more than a bluff. That’s why Arnold & Itkin is among the most effective insurance claims attorneys in the field.

How Arnold & Itkin Recovered Billions in Verdicts & Settlements

If a lawyer’s job is to level the playing field, hiring Arnold & Itkin gives you the home field advantage. Our team includes qualified adjusters, expert damage assessors, and seasoned litigators—all of whom are wholly determined to get you the largest settlement possible. By gathering evidence with the same resources and expertise as your insurance company’s adjuster, we let them know we’re not bluffing—forcing your insurer to deal with you honestly. As a result, many of our clients received larger payouts than they would have gotten on their own. Our record-setting victories have changed the legal landscape for businesses nationwide.

For the best chance at maximizing your recovery, you’ll want a lawyer in your corner. Let our firm help your business (and your community) get back on its feet. Businesses are the bedrock of our economy. When companies aren’t able to recover from a natural disaster, it slows down the recovery efforts of the local community. If we’re going to rebuild cities like Port Aransas, Rockport, Corpus Christi, Beaumont, and Houston, we need to start by rebuilding our businesses. That’s why we are determined to get every Texan business owner the settlement they deserve to reclaim their livelihoods and their future.

Call (888) 400-2101 or use our short online form for help with your claim—we’re happy to provide you with all of your legal and financial options. It’s time to hold insurance companies accountable for delaying your relief.