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Arnold & Itkin fights to ensure that our clients never have to pay for months' worth of living expenses without relief.

Relief for People Displaced by Hurricane Harvey

"My Policy Was Supposed to Help Me Pay for Somewhere to Live"

Maria and her family were rescued from their home by boat the day after floods devastated Houston. The next day, miles away from her waterlogged home, she agreed to a 9-month lease on a condo safe from the floodwaters. "My insurance will cover it," she thought to herself. "Why wouldn't they? My family need a place to live."

Shortly after moving into her temporary base camp, she got bad news: the insurance company refused to cover her rent. On top of her mortgage, Maria was now financially on the hook for an additional $5,000 a month.

For thousands of people whose homes were devastated in Harvey's path, hotels and rental properties were the only homes they could find. Now, many of them are finding themselves in the hole for thousands of dollars because their insurance companies aren't keeping their promises.

Arnold & Itkin helps homeowners recover living expenses against stubborn insurers who left them out in the cold. Our clients have claimed billions of dollars for everything they needed to rebuild their lives.

Are You Facing Unfair Insurance Practices?

Most Hurricane Harvey survivors can’t survive while paying rent andpaying a mortgage. The insurance company knows you’re vulnerable. They know you’re worried about hotel expenses, mortgage payments, and child-rearing and schooling costs building up while you wait for an adjuster to look at your home. They’ll use this tactic to get you to settle for less than you deserve.

Insurance policies often already include benefits for temporary housing and living expenses. However, it’s a common insurance tactic to delay payment to pressure you into settling for a lower amount—an amount that won't help you rebuild your home or find a new place to live.

To fight the insurance company, you need immediate relief—and someone who knows how to level the playing field.

As lifelong Texas residents, Arnold & Itkin’s attorneys take your recovery personally. With our help, our clients have won billions in verdicts and settlements throughout Texas. Let us fight for you against the insurance companies who are using your losses to protect their profits.

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