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Strengthen Your Claim

Hiring an attorney at the start of your case increases the likelihood and speed of a favorable result.

Why Hire an Attorney Before I File My Claim?

Fight for Your Recovery—Call the Insurance Lawyers Who Have Secured Billions!

Despite the fact that insurance companies are notoriously difficult to deal with, most people initially attempt to handle their insurance claims without legal support. Part of the issue is that insurers have sold people on the idea that they “help” during a disaster, even though their real goal is to delay and limit your claim as much as possible.

Many Texans learned a hard lesson after Hurricane Harvey: insurance companies aren’t here to help you.

Usually, our firm gets a call after someone’s claim has been denied or delayed. By that point, the business or homeowner has already been through numerous obstacles without any form of relief: constant nitpicking, long waiting times, more and more paperwork, and so on. Delayed payment means delayed recovery—which puts your entire life in a painful holding pattern.

By calling a lawyer upfront, you strengthen the likelihood of expediting the entire process by several months.

Put Your Claim in a Position to Succeed

Hiring a lawyer from the start puts your case in the strongest possible position. Our team includes claims adjusters, damage assessors, and litigators with experience on both sides of the insurance process. We use the same techniques, strategies, and tools to gather evidence for your case as your insurance company—except our goal is to maximize your recovery, not shrink it.

As a result, the playing field is immediately leveled between you and the insurance company. Leveraging our strategies and our investigative resources, we’ve been able to secure billions for our clients—much of which has been from insurance companies who refused to pay up. Put the power back in your hands and call our insurance lawyers to learn about your legal options.

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Understanding the Insurance Company’s Strategy

After Hurricane Sandy and Katrina, multiple insurance companies were sued for allegedly denying valid claims to avoid paying. For example, State Farm’s own adjusters came forward and admitted that they had falsified damage reports to make it seem like people weren’t covered by their insurance policies. Another case alleged that Allstate had multiple damage reports written for a claim— a factual one and a falsified one used to deny the claim. The only reason those documents came to light was because the insurance companies were dragged to court. Normally, insurers are emboldened to not only delay claims, but outright lie. Without a lawyer, the worst thing their policyholders can do is simply file a complaint.

Slow (and potentially fraudulent) treatment of your claim presumes that:

  • You’re not a lawyer, so you won't sue the insurance company.
  • You don’t have any other options, so they can pressure you into a low-ball offer.
  • You’re not a damage expert, so you don’t know how much your claim is worth.

Hiring a lawyer from the beginning of your claim forces the insurance company to treat you differently. When you have a lawyer in your corner, you’re making it clear that if they don’t handle this right, you'll let a court decide how much you deserve. Insurance companies fear that—and they’ll usually settle higher to avoid it.