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Flooded Vehicle Claims

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Flooded Vehicle Claims

If you need help filing or expediting your auto insurance claim from Hurricane Harvey, Arnold & Itkin can help. Call (888) 400-2101 or contact us with our short online form to hear your options and get started.

Hurricane Harvey Left Nearly a Million Cars Flooded or Underwater

In Harvey's wake, insurance providers are facing more than 100,000 auto insurance claims. Multiple companies have said that they’re facing more than 5 times the annual average number of claims. The high volume of potential settlements (on top of other types of claims in Harvey’s wake) has made insurers less likely than ever to offer fast, fair payouts.

Once the skies cleared, insurance providers took steps to ensure that only insurers of certain incomes could buy new policies—meaning households that depend on buying used vehicles are facing serious obstacles in the coming years.

For many car buyers, their options will be limited to buying new cars because providers won’t insure used cars or middle-income earners. Experts also believe that premiums for everyone will shoot up in the coming months.

All of this means one thing: getting a large auto insurance settlement now is vital to your future stability. Texas is a driver’s state. Getting to work, getting to school, and powering the post-Harvey recovery of South Texas requires having a reliable vehicle. You can’t afford to wait months for a suitable replacement car—you need to get on the road now. You also can’t afford to get a small payout because the supply of used cars has taken a massive hit. You need a suitable replacement, and you need it quickly.

Why You Need a Lawyer in Your Corner

Even if you’re a savvy policyholder, insurance companies can afford to put your claim in limbo for years. You have no power over them, and they know it. Without legal firepower behind you, insurance companies have no reason to act quickly to settle your claim. Lawyers put pressure on insurance companies to honor your policy, offer a fair settlement, and resolve your claim quickly.

Arnold & Itkin give our clients the home field advantage.

Our team includes expert adjusters, damage experts, and seasoned litigators who investigate your claim using the same tools and resources as your insurer. We gather evidence that forces your insurer to handle your claim fairly and speedily—or risk facing a jury trial. As a result, we’ve been able to secure billions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients.

For help with your flooded vehicle claim, call (888) 400-2101 or use our short online form to reach us. Our team can explain your legal and financial options and fight to get you relief as soon as possible. Let us get you back on the road.