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Claims Against Insurance Agents

Hold Your Agent Responsible for Their Actions

Lawsuits Against Insurance Agents

If your insurance agent failed in their duty to sell you suitable coverage or failed to honor your coverage when you filed a claim, our firm can help you fight back. Call Arnold & Itkin at (888) 400-2101 to learn if you have a case.

In the 1990s, insurance companies transitioned from being “service companies” to profit-generation machines. Unfortunately, for more than 20 years, their profits have been built on underpaying or delaying claims. Insurance agents are part of the problem, as it’s their sales that allow insurance companies to deny relief to desperate claimants.

Insurance agents have a duty to sell suitable coverage to their customers, or they’re doing little more than running a scam.

If an insurance agent sells coverage that they have no intention of honoring, that’s a bad faith deal—and you have the right to sue agents for the losses that result. Similarly, if an insurance agent uses predatory or fraudulent practices to delay your claim, put pressure on you to settle, or otherwise deal with you in a way that is deceitful, you have the right to take them to court.

After Hurricanes, Insurance Agents Create Disaster

When Hurricane Sandy struck, many homeowners were told by State Farm Insurance that their damages would not be covered. Even after being assured that their damages were covered and that a full payout was pending, these people found that their claims were being denied on technicalities. Then, two State Farm adjusters stepped forward and revealed what was going on:

State Farm was deliberately denying valid claims from flood and hurricane victims. By falsely insisting that their damage was due to flooding and not wind, State Farm pushed claims onto the already-strained National Flood Insurance Program—paid for by the public. In other words, they forced the American people to pay for coverage the massive insurer had promised to provide, and did so by delaying relief to hurricane victims.

After Hurricane Katrina, homeowners sued Allstate for a similar practice. In Allstate’s case, they sent an engineer to survey the damage after the claim was denied. One of your fundamental rights as an insured person is the right to a thorough and good faith investigation of your claim. Looking for facts after denying relief is the opposite of good faith.

Other insurance whistleblowers have alleged that insurance companies have two copies of damage reports after a hurricane: the factual one, and the one they use to deny coverage to people who have already lost everything.

These stories aren’t flukes—insurance agents are instructed to low-ball their clients. If claimants don’t take the offer, insurance companies have policies in place to de-prioritize the claim, essentially giving you a choice between less money now or no money for months. Internal documents from multiple lawsuits revealed that insurance companies have strategies in place to make suing them so expensive that lawyers won’t take your case. That’s unacceptable.

There Is One Way to Fight for What Is Right: (888) 400-2101

With recent laws geared toward protecting insurance agents and not you, it’s unlikely that legislators will create solutions for claimants. Your other option is justice through the courts. Arnold & Itkin is fighting for victims of Hurricane Harvey who have been poorly treated by their insurance agents. Our team has fought against the world’s largest insurance providers, winning our clients billions of dollars to reclaim their lives. We are ready to help you fight back against your insurance agent—either for their bad faith dealings or their negligence in handling your case. The only way forward is through a free consultation. With one phone call, our insurance claim law firm can tell if you if you have a valid case and how we can help you get the funds you need.

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