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Windstorm Damage

Was Your Home Destroyed by High Winds? We Are Here to Help.

Windstorm Damage from Hurricane Harvey

Recover the Money You Need to Rebuild from Hurricane Wind Damage

Most private homeowner’s insurance policies exclusively cover damage from high winds during a hurricane. That means flooding damage is not covered under your home’s policy. In fact, your insurer may attempt to deny your claim outright due to evidence of flood damage. The secret to filing a successful claim with your insurance adjuster is distinguishing between wind damage and flood damage. Of course, with 27 trillion gallons of water dropped on Texas, that might seem like too fine a distinction. For places like Corpus Christi, Rockport, or Port Aransas (where the wind damage was the worst), the distinction will matter less. However, in Beaumont and the greater Houston area, flooding from runoff will make the cause of your damages harder to pin down.

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Definition of Windstorm Damage

Windstorm damage, as defined by most insurance policies, is any damage caused or made worse by high winds. However, it is not limited to the direct effects of high winds. If the wind ripped the roof off of your home, allowing your walls to be destroyed by the downpour, that’s covered under windstorm damage. If the wind uprooted a tree and broke open the main water line (flooding your home), that’s still windstorm damage. What matters is the root cause of the losses, not just the event that directly precedes it.

Where It Gets Complicated

If your home was one of thousands that experienced both wind and flood damage, you will have trouble getting your insurer to pay a claim. Thanks to something called an “anti-concurrent causation” clause, your insurance company is allowed to deny coverage for damage caused by both a covered event (high winds) and an excluded event (flooding). Unless your damages were clearly the result of windstorm damage, the insurer will make it difficult (and costly) for you to get the compensation you need. They may even use a small amount of flooding damage to excuse themselves from paying any part of your claim.

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