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Why Hire Arnold & Itkin?

Our Legal Team Has Secured Billions on Behalf of Our Clients.

Why Hire Arnold & Itkin?

The damage done by Hurricane Harvey is far from over for thousands of homeowners. Insurance companies know that you’re vulnerable, that you’re desperate for relief, and that you need money fast. They’ve built their business model around that fact—because they know if they delay your claim, you’ll likely settle for a small portion of it just to get a faster settlement. Adjusters and agents have countless tricks and holding patterns designed to stretch our your claim—leaving you more and more desperate to settle. We’ve seen them attempt to do it to hundreds of our clients, but we don’t want to let them do it to you.

How Insurance Lawyers Help Claimants Recover

Arnold & Itkin’s job is to put the pressure back onto the insurance company and put power back in your hands. We do that with our team of experienced adjusters, damage experts, and seasoned lawyers—all of whom are dedicated to making sure you get the largest possible settlement under your homeowner’s policy. Because we gather evidence using the same skills and resources as your insurance company, we’re able to level the playing field between you and the insurer.

By doing that, we increase the likelihood of getting a higher payout with a shorter wait.

Why Our Work Matters for Homeowners

For homeowners, a shorter wait is about more than “convenience.” 25 percent of Americans can’t cover a $2,000 loss over a 30-day period, and 20 percent of people in the greater Houston area are living in poverty. The loss of a home is more than most people can afford. With your survival on the line, fighting to make your claims process faster could change your future. The cost of having an attorney is far less than the cost of not having an attorney when your insurance company denies you what you need. Arnold & Itkin has been fighting insurance companies for a decade, securing billions of dollars for our clients. For us, nothing is more important than making sure Texans get everything they need to recover from Hurricane Harvey. Let us help you get back on your feet.

Call (888) 400-2101 or contact us online to get started—we can immediately get to work on your case. Put us in your corner and the insurance company won’t make the mistake of ignoring your claim.