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Our Law Firm Has Recovered Billions for Our Clients

Since 2004, Arnold & Itkin has had the privilege of seeing firsthand how the people of Houston withstand tragedy—both individually and as a community. Our firm has stood by our neighbors through the worst events of their lives, helping them fight to reclaim their sense of normalcy and stability. It’s been our honor and our duty to give our clients a second chance at a better life.

When Harvey devastated our city, our firm’s family experienced it the same as everyone else: with shock, pain, and uncertainty. We lost our homes. We lost our cars. For some of us, we lost the future we had been building toward. For others, we had just rebuilt our lives after the last flood that roared through our neighborhoods.

Through it all, our community pulled together. Even though his own home was flooded, one of our senior attorneys filled a U-Haul trailer with thousands of dollars of supplies and drove to help local people in need. We gave away replacement clothing for children who had lost everything. We provided people with supplies that the local stores had long run out of.

We didn’t do it because we “felt like” being generous—we did it because we are Texans. We help our neighbors, no matter what. Unfortunately, that’s something your insurance company won’t understand.

Slowing Down Recovery for All of Houston

While our friends are all holding back tears and trying to figure out what to do next, insurance companies (many of whom aren’t based near the damage) are already making moves to protect their money. People’s valid claims are being refused or delayed, condemning them to a lifetime of financial setbacks. Families are forced to stay in hotels for long stretches, taxing their already-thin accounts to the limit. For hundreds of Houstonians, their most fundamental needs are being ignored in the name of business.

We wish we could say we’re surprised, but after a decade of seeing insurance companies use underhanded tactics on regular people, we know what kind of businesses we’re dealing with. These are companies who don’t care what you’re going through, companies who are willing to slow down the recovery process for thousands of people because they want fatter profit margins.

It doesn’t matter what you need. It doesn’t matter what coverage you might have had. These are people whose jobs are to give you as little as possible while taking as much as they can from your pockets. As the people who have fought them in court time and time again, we know firsthand that insurance companies only do the right thing when they’re forced to.

It’s Time for Houston to Fight Back

We’re Houston insurance claims lawyers. More importantly, we’re from Houston. We’re surviving this alongside you…but we want to do more than that. We want to make sure our communities get every penny they need to rebuild their homes and businesses, replace their belongings, and restart their lives. Our attorneys want to hold insurance companies accountable for the way they’ve taken advantage of our friends and neighbors, making them believe that their situation is hopeless.

If there’s one thing you can trust us on, it’s this: your situation is not hopeless. Just because your claim was denied doesn’t mean you don’t have options. As your lawyer, our job is to create options for you. Arnold & Itkin has won billions of dollars on behalf of both individuals and businesses. We’ve won some of the largest results in Texas (and U.S.) history, and we’ve stood up to the biggest insurance companies in the world—and beaten them. Time and time again, our clients have come to us with “hopeless situations” and left with the compensation they needed for the rest of their lives.

We are Texans. We fight for our own. If you’re a Texan too, let’s stand together. Call our legal team at (888) 400-2101 today to find out how you can hold your insurance company accountable and win back your home, your business, and your life.