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Community Involvement After Hurricane Harvey

Helping Our Neighbors Get What They Need

During and after Hurricane Harvey’s presence in Houston, our firm was able to witness—and be a part of—the community joining together to support each other. All of us knew people whose homes and cars were severely damaged from the flooding and wind, and members of our firm lost much of what they owned in one fell swoop. Despite each of our personal losses, the firm banded together to gather, transport, and distribute supplies to people in need all over the greater Houston area.

Our own Caj Boatright and his family drove across the state and back to pick up thousands of much-needed supplies and distributed them to people and charities in need throughout the region. Most amazingly, he completed this mission of care while his own home was flooded—which speaks more about his character than we could say. We’re happy to say that the rest of our team was no less giving, many of them helping the Boatright family organize and distribute the supplies.

Our firm also gave hundreds of supplies to Casa de Esperanza, an organization that provides care for children in crisis due to abuse, neglect, or HIV. The organization does amazing work for the families in need all over the greater Houston area—and they still need help! To donate to Casa de Esperanza, visit here for more information: https://www.casahope.org/.

As Texans, our firm is always honored to serve our loved ones, neighbors, and community. Even in conditions like these, we’re humbled and awed by the spirit, generosity, and love of our friends and employees.