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  • $171 Million

    One of History’s Largest Confidential Settlements

    We took on a case that several law firms believed was unwinnable. Our team knew better. After years of relentless effort, we obtained a massive settlement for our clients that totaled $171 million.


  • $117 Million

    Louisiana’s Largest Single-Event Injury Verdict Ever

    Our client was a pregnant woman who called an ambulance when she experienced severe stomach pain. On the way to the hospital, the driver drove the ambulance into a truck—rendering her immobile.


  • $110 Million

    Massive Settlement Obtained for Victims of Defective Products

    In a defective product claim, our firm negotiated a record-breaking settlement for people needlessly injured by dangerous products. Our work ensured that clients would receive the medical care they needed.


  • $105 Million

    Single Record-Setting Settlement Obtained for Injuries from Harmful Products

    Arnold & Itkin represented a claim for individuals who were hurt by a harmful product. We secured a massive amount—$105 million—that will ensure their well-being and security for the rest of their lives.


  • $76.6 Million

    Largest Risperdal Verdict Ever Secured Against Johnson & Johnson for Side-Effects

    In this landmark case, we fought for a young man who grew abnormal breast tissue as a child—a direct result of taking Risperdal. This verdict reflected the severe damage suffered caused by Johnson & Johnson.

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  • $72 Million

    Settlement Won for Oilfield Worker Who Lost Arm in Accident

    In this record-setting case, our client filed claims against multiple parties—each of whom was partially at fault. Our attorneys received a settlement offer from the all the companies only days before trial was scheduled to begin.

    Record Victory

  • $44 Million

    The Largest Verdict Ever Achieved for an Amputee Victim

    We won a record-setting verdict for a supervisor at a construction site whose leg was crushed in a crane accident. Unable to make a living, our firm made sure he and his family received everything they needed.


  • $41 Million

    The Largest Business Law Verdict in Hawaii History

    Our client was an investor who was unlawfully cut out of acquisition of one of Hawaii’s largest lumber suppliers. We fought for his rights as an investor, securing him the largest commercial litigation verdict in the state’s history.


  • $29 Million

    The Largest Settlement for an Wrongful Death Offshore Ever Achieved

    Our clients lost their husband and father in a preventable accident at sea. Our result was not only about fighting for their stability and future—it was about making sure the companies who caused his death were made to answer for it.


  • $28 Million

    Massive Settlement Obtained in Confidential Case

    Our firm obtained $28 million for clients who needed justice and financial relief. We are thrilled to have made their lives better and brought closure to this part of their lives.
  • $18.5 Million

    Massive Second Verdict Won for Victims of the Geismar Explosion

    In the second of 2 trials for victims of the plant explosion in Geismar, LA, Arnold & Itkin ensured that four workers and their families would receive financial relief for their serious and long-term injuries.

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  • $15.45 Million

    Massive Verdict Won for Victims of 2013 Plant Explosion in Geismar

    We won a massive victory for our clients and plant workers everywhere in a case involving a massive plant explosion. Our clients each received an award that will provide for their treatment and long-term needs.

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  • $14 Million

    Settlement Reached for Jones Act Seaman Days Before Trial

    Our client was a crew member on an inland barge when he suffered a serious head injury. The owner of the barge refused to settle until two days before trial. The verdict helped our client recover from his preventable injury.
  • $13.75 Million

    Multimillion-Dollar Settlement Achieved Only Months After Incident

    While plant accidents normally take years to resolve, we took immediate action on behalf of our client. As a result, he received a massive $13.75 million settlement only nine months after we filed his claim.
  • $12.75 Million

    Settlement Won for Seriously Injured Employee

    Arnold & Itkin fought for a worker whose injury kept him from earning an income. Thanks to our fast work and investigative skill, we obtained a large enough settlement to provide for his needs without worrying about getting a job.
  • $12.5 Million

    Obtained Millions in Settlement for Oil Spill Victims

    The Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010 destroyed businesses and left families on the Gulf without livelihoods. Arnold & Itkin’s work ensured that our clients received back their economic losses from the oil spill.
  • $12 Million

    Settlement Secured for Truck Driver Injured by Cargo

    Our client was a 56-year-old trucker who suffered a stroke when his truck’s improperly-loaded cargo fell on him. The defendant refused to take responsibility for the incident, but we pressured the company into a fair settlement.
  • $12 Million

    Settlement Obtained for Burn Victim in Plant Accident Case

    Arnold & Itkin fought for a man who was left severely burned after a safety valve failed at his refinery. The settlement ensures that his financial future is secure and his treatment is paid for the rest of his life.