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Harvey Survivors Can Pay Property Taxes in 4 Installments

Texas authorities have reported that Hurricane Harvey survivors can pay their 2017 and 2018 property taxes over four payment periods rather than one lump sum. For residents who are having difficulties buying groceries and securing a financial base, this news may come as a relief.

Citizens who use the payment plan will be expected to pay the same appraisal or property tax amount that they would have in one lump sum. However, the amount owed will be spread out over several months rather than payed in one sitting. For residents who want to pay their property taxes in installments, the only condition they must meet is that their residence was in a county that had been declared as a disaster area during Hurricane Harvey.

Small businesses are also eligible to pay their property taxes in four installments. For a business property to be considered a “small business,” they must have gross receipts of less than $5.7 million. In addition to the receipts, their place of business must reside in a county that has been declared as a disaster zone to receive the installment benefit.

These payment should be turned in on the following dates:

  • On January 31, the resident must pay 25% of their property tax bill while informing their community taxing group that they are intending to pay their property taxes in installments.
  • On March 31, the next 25% portion is due.
  • On May 31, the next 25% payment is due.
  • On July 31, the last 25% payment is due.

What Are My Options If This Relief Is Not Enough?

If you are facing bills that you cannot pay and are waiting on an insurance payment for help, you should contact a Hurricane Harvey attorney immediately. Our insurance claim lawyers can work with you to fight insurance companies who are unwilling to readily pay your claims. You can count on us to hold your insurer responsible to the promises they make to you. Get the help you need now.

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