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Christmas Donations Support West Houston Families

With the Christmas season fast-approaching, Houston families may find it difficult to share in the spirit of the holidays. However, a mother and daughter have teamed up to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Their goal: to spread the spirit of Christmas to families who have nothing to decorate with.

For some families, Christmas starts immediately after Thanksgiving as relatives get together and decorate the house for the holidays. Lights, trees, and ornaments are put-up throughout the home, spreading merriment to each and every room. However, many West Houston families have lost their Christmas decorations to the floods and do not have the money to buy new ones. Heather Mangels and Ariella Brown have decided to fix this problem through a new Facebook page.

This mother-daughter team believes that nothing should stop families from celebrating the holidays, and so they got to work. After putting up the Facebook page and requesting help from others, Heather and Ariella were surprised to receive Christmas decorations that surpassed the usual ornaments and lights. Donators have been extremely generous and have given away some of their most precious mementos of Christmas. Mangels exclaims, “to turn around and hand over your memories to be someone else’s new memories, it’s amazing.” The mother-daughter team have been able to help 25 families in need of holiday cheer, and they are going to help many more before December 25.

What You Can Do to Help!

If you are interested in donating, visit Heather and Ariella’s Facebook page. They are specifically looking to collect Christmas trees that fit on tables, as many of the affected Houston families do not have the space to host a full-size tree. Arnold & Itkin is proud of these two ladies for stepping up for Texan families in their time of need.