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Creighton Embarrassed for SJRA Due to Recent Statement

October 17, 2017 will be remembered as the day Jace Houston revealed himself and the SJRA committee to be one of the worst authorities in the history of Texas. The SJRA (San Jacinto River Authority) is partially responsible for the massive downstream damages that occurred during Hurricane Harvey. When first asked why the SJRA failed to open the Lake Conroe Dam to allow water to flow downstream in preparation for Hurricane Harvey’s outpouring, Houston stated, “We didn’t meet [to make a decision about pre-releasing] because it’s not an option.”

Houston continued, stating that there was reason to believe that “pre-release would make the situation worse.” When asked for scientific data to back up such a claim, Houston admitted that no such data existed. When Senator Creighton asked Jace if the SJRA had the duty to open the dam, Houston told Creighton that the SJRA holds only the “power” to open the dam, but does not have the effectual “duty to do so.”

Effectively, Jace Houston is saying that he and his team could have opened the dam, but denied that it was their issue to deal with.

SJRA Felt No Obligation to Use Their “Authority” to Help the People of Texas

Job duties can at times be hazy in how they should be worked out. There are plenty of job descriptions that give wiggle room as to where responsibility lies, and how a task should be accomplished. However, for SJRA and their willful decision keep to the dam closed, this is not the case. Unfortunately for Jace, there is a statute that was written at the conception of the SJRA in 1937 that states that the second “Primary purpose of the bill (is) to provide flood control.”

This means that the second primary purpose of the SJRA is to do the exact thing that they knowingly chose not to do: open the dam to provide flood control for the people of Texas. It is with unbelievable negligence or an inhuman disregard for fellow countrymen that the SJRA states that it was not within their “duty” to have pre-released the dam. SJRA not only failed to provide their most important service as a working entity, but they did so at the expense of thousands of Texan’s properties, livelihoods, and lives.

So to recap the situation, Jace Houston started with the argument that opening the dam was an impossibility for the SJRA crew. He then moved to the notion that, mathematically, opening the dam would have actually caused more destruction, a notion that Jace had no evidence for. After, Houston claimed that it was not the “duty” of the SJRA to open the dam, and that they only have the “power” to do so, all the while knowing that 1937 legislation clearly states that the SJRA’s duty is to open the dam.

What Can I Do If I Am One of Those Affected by SJRA’s Irresponsibility?

Texans cannot take these claims made by SJRA lying down. You need to call our firm immediately so that you may get the recompense that you deserve. It is time that an organization cared for the people of Texas and rallied those who suffered at the hands of SJRA. This is more than a claim and more than a travesty—it is a battle for justice against those who have caused incredible harm. Will you help us?

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