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Taking an Account of the Auto Damage Left by Harvey

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It’s been over a month since Hurricane Harvey savaged South Texas, leaving places like Rockport, Corpus Christi, and Port Aransas destroyed by wind and water, while places like Beaumont and the greater Houston area remained flooded for long after the storm moved on. The damage left by Harvey is extensive and deep, and experts are still trying to figure out how much damage was done and how long people will need relief.

As we’ve covered on the blog before, the damage done to vehicles was no less profound or harmful than the damage done to homes. Cities in South Texas are driving-dependent; the majority of businesses and families require a car to get to school, work, get groceries, and live their lives. In Houston alone, 94.4 percent of households own a car—most of them own two.

Total Car Losses from Hurricane Harvey

Most of these families are without vehicles now. Nearly 1 million vehicles were flooded by Hurricane Harvey—the efforts to collect and catalog them alone has been gargantuan in scale. Two racetracks have received contracts to house the cars until insurers and salvage companies can process them. The process to getting a claim fulfilled on these vehicles is likely to be slow (and hotly contested): as of today’s date, auto insurers are facing more than 100,000 auto claims, with 75 percent for totaled vehicles.

Mark Hanna from the Insurance Council of Texas says the number of claims is rising daily. Other insurance experts expect the premiums for comprehensive damage to rise by a “significant” percentage in the next year or so—continuing a trend of higher and higher premiums for auto insurance.

Among cars belonging to licensed drivers, insurance experts estimate between $2.7 and $4.9 billion dollars in losses. It is believed that only 64 percent of drivers have vehicle coverage for flooding damage. Other drivers may need to pay out of pocket if they need a replacement vehicle—an unquestionable necessity in this part of the nation.

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