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Hurricane Florence Joins Harvey as One of the Worst Storms in Decades

The Carolinas continue to recover from Hurricane Florence dumping unprecedented amounts of water on the region. Analysts are saying the storm brought the second most amount of rain in the last 70 years. There’s no debating: Hurricane Florence was bad, and its violent waters have placed the storm next to Hurricane Harvey as one of the most severe storms in the history of the United States.

In a recent report, weather.com analyzed rainfalls between the two massive storms. The report examined 14,000 square-mile areas from both hurricanes and revealed that Hurricane Florence averaged 17.5 inches of rainfall while Hurricane Harvey produced 27.6 inches.

Only Inches Separate the Two Worst Storms in Recent US History

Notably, both storms had rainfall that covered an unprecedented amount of land. Hurricane Harvey peaked at 60 inches of rain in some areas while Florence’s worst was 36 inches.

Early estimates place Hurricane Florence’s total amount of water at 10 trillion gallons, while Harvey dumped a total of 33 trillion gallons.

These comparisons are not meant to be a competition between which region had the worst natural disaster. Both incidents brought record-setting amounts of rain to their regions and represent someof the worst storms of the last 70 years. In both storms, families lost their homes, businesses, and loved ones. With two serious storms happening just one year apart, both regions will continue to rebuild and look forward to the future—it's all we can do in the face of adversity.

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