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Denied Claims

Don't Give Up Hope. You Can Still Fight Back.

What If I Had Commercial Insurance Coverage But Was Still Denied After Hurricane Harvey?

First Things First: Speak with an Insurance Claims Lawyer Immediately.

Hurricane Harvey devastated tens of thousands of structures, leaving hundreds of thousands displaced, bankrupt, or without a safety net. If your business’ insurance claim was denied, you need to be proactive and fight the insurer to give your company the best chance of survival. Arnold & Itkin is one of the Texas businesses affected by Hurricane Harvey, and we’re going to demand insurance companies treat our neighbors and colleagues fairly. It’s time for the people and businesses to hold insurers accountable for their unwarranted denial of claims, their bad faith dealings, and their unwillingness to make good on the promise of every valid insurance policy. We’ve won billions of dollars for our clients because we don’t back down from a fight. We are telling you right now—there will be a fight. Let us stand with you. Let’s stand together. Contact Arnold & Itkin now.

Don’t lose hope if your business’ insurance company denied your claim after Hurricane Harvey. Our lawyers want to assure you that you do have legal options. Here are the steps you can take to fight back!

Step #1: Understand Why Your Claim Was Denied

If your claim was denied, the first thing you need to understand is why. One of the rights of insured parties is to know the precise reason their claim wasn’t approved. Notice letters often include the relevant excerpt from the policy.

The common reasons for a denied claim include:

  • It wasn’t filed on time.
  • The damages aren’t covered.
  • It was a “fraudulent" claim.
  • Your policy limits have been reached.
  • Your premiums are unpaid.
  • You lacked proper documentation to prove the claim.
  • Damages were caused by an event that the insurance company claims is not coverage under the policy.

Step #2: Seek Assistance to Appeal

Knowing the reason for the denial allows you to gather evidence to address it, which leads to your next step: getting the help of a lawyer in writing an appeal letter. The appeals process may take weeks—even months—but it’s a necessary step to resolving your claim. Your appeal letter needs to have the exact argument for why your claim was wrongfully denied, including all the evidence that the original adjuster either missed or didn’t take into account. Knowing what evidence to include is as vital as finding it in the first place. Because this letter is such a critical component of your case, it is vital that you get the help of an attorney.

Step #3: File a Lawsuit

If your appeal is denied, you have one last option: sue the insurer. We have represented countless clients where the insurance company stonewalled our clients until we took action. Filing a lawsuit might be the best path for your claim.

The most important thing to do when dealing with a denied claim is to get the help of an experienced lawyer.Call (888) 400-2101 or contact Arnold & Itkin online for a free review of your case!