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Commercial Insurance Claims from Hurricane Harvey

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Harvey caused more than $190 billion in damages to Beaumont, Corpus Christi, Rockport, Port Aransas, and the greater Houston area and set in motion years of recovery efforts. One of the most vital steps in rebuilding the area is getting local businesses humming again—meaning companies need to get relief so they can rebuild. However, some of the largest insurers in the region are denying and delaying valid claims in order to protect their profits. They’re forcing businesses to wait weeks for adjusters to inspect properties, find engineers, file reports—while your business sits, stagnating due to lack of help.

Insurance companies have the power to grant you immediate cash, allow you to rebuild your business and make good on the insurance policy you’ve been paying into for years. If you’ve been hit by a flood and your company’s insurance has flood coverage, that’s the obvious (and ethical) solution. The only reason insurance companies are delaying is because delays wear you down.

Forcing victims to wait is how insurance companies get people to settle for less than they need or deserve.

Denying an insurance claim is how they get people to give up on seeking compensation—even if they deny a claim that deserves a generous payout. At Arnold & Itkin, we know this because we’ve watched insurance companies do this to our clients for years. It’s unacceptable when they do it to individuals, and it’s even more unacceptable when they do it to an entire region.

You Have Another Choice

If your Harvey claim is delayed or denied, there’s only one way to force insurance companies to do the right thing: threaten to hold them accountable in court. Our insurance attorneys have taken on—and won—billions of dollars against the world’s largest companies. We’ve helped thousands of businesses because we know how to force adjusters to help our clients.

The litigators at our firm, nearly all of them native Texans, take your recovery personally. We know your entire livelihood and future are on the line—Harvey is going to leave thousands of our neighbors with the worst financial losses of their lives. While your insurance company sits thousands of miles away, unaware of what you need to survive, Arnold & Itkin fights for our community.

Let’s take a stand together. Let’s fight for the greater Houston area (and all of South Texas) against the people who are keeping us down for profit.

Getting started on your commercial claim has never been easier. Call (888) 400-2101 or contact us online to learn your options in a free consultation. The faster you speak with us, the stronger your claim will be.