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Business Interruption

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Business Interruption Claims

Flood and windstorm insurance are forms of property insurance—these policies protect your business’ physical location from the losses incurred by Hurricane Harvey. However, experts estimate that much of a business’ damage comes from business interruption: the loss of clients, revenue, and operations that a disaster invariably causes.

Specifically, a typical business interruption policy should cover:

  • Lost Profits & Operated Expenses
    Recovery can be based on financial statements and expenses from previous months.
  • New / Temporary Location:
    If your business needed to move, the policy should cover the cost of moving and setting up shop in a new location.
  • Cost of Hiring or Training New Operators:
    If you needed to find and train new operators for your equipment, the costs of hiring and training are also covered.
  • Reimbursement for Reasonable Expenses:
    Any operating expenses not specifically covered under “fixed costs” can be reimbursed within reason.
  • Losses from Government-Mandated Closure:
    If a government agency ordered the closure of your business, you can reclaim revenue from the period of closure onward.
  • Contingent coverage:
    If you depend on a supplier or partner, your policy may allow you to reclaim costs incurred by losses to other parties.

Helping South Texas Business Owners Recover from Hurricane Harvey

If you were one of the businesses that had a business interruption policy in place, you still may not be in the clear. Insurance companies make billions in profits because their business model relies on offering lowball settlements to clients—and delaying the claims of businesses entitled to full payment.

The Houston lawyers at Arnold & Itkin have seen insurance companies try to abuse our clients again and again. We have taken them to court over it, winning billions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients.

As a Houston firm, we were as affected by Harvey as our neighbors. For our friends, for our family, and for our colleagues, we’re committed to helping Houston get back on its feet. We are Texans—that’s who we are.

These commercial insurance providers are the type of predators that we’ve spent our careers fighting. They’re taking advantage of homeowners and business owners throughout Houston, Beaumont, Rockport, Port Aransas, and Corpus Christi, pressuring them into accepting settlements for pennies on the dollar. We refuse to let it happen to our community. Our legal team at Arnold & Itkin will hold them accountable in court—and your case could help make that happen. Let us fight for you. Together, let’s fight for South Texas.

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