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Additional Living Expenses

Recovering the Money You Need for Hotels, Moving, and More

My Insurance Won’t Cover Additional Living Expenses

What Are the Options? Arnold & Itkin Can Provide Some Insight.

Insurance policies often include benefits for temporary housing and living expenses. Some policies offer a lump sum (20 percent of your home insurance policy or more), while others might provide you with whatever living expenses you need for a certain period of time. However, it’s a common insurance tactic to delay payment to pressure you into settling for less than you deserve.

1 in 4 Americans can’t cover a $2,000 setback in a 30-day period. The insurance company knows you’re vulnerable. They know you’re worried about hotel expenses, mortgage payments, and child-rearing/schooling costs building up while you wait for an adjuster to look at your home. They’ll use this tactic to get you to settle for less than you deserve.

To fight the insurance company, you need immediate relief.

  • First, apply for FEMA assistance.
    Relief from FEMA may take a while, so do this first. FEMA offers money specifically for temporary living expenses, resources for long-term replacement housing, and unemployment benefits. On top of your living expenses, you could qualify for up to $493 a week in unemployment assistance.
  • Second, apply for an SBA loan.
    The Small Business Administration offers low-interest loans to homeowners following a disaster. While it’s a loan, the cash will allow you to pay for what you need while the insurance company plays its game.
  • Third, call an insurance lawyer.
    If your insurance company is using your living expenses as leverage, you can expect a legal battle when you demand benefits for rebuilding your home. A lawyer can help develop the evidence you’ll need for a civil lawsuit.

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