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Hurricane Harvey Claims for Homeowners

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In just six days, Hurricane Harvey changed Houston forever. Thousands of homes were flooded or destroyed, tens of thousands of people were displaced or left homeless, and the entire city was sentenced to years of recovery due to a shortage of adjusters, claims investigators, and contractors. The storm caused the city more than $20 billion in damage. Altogether, Hurricane Harvey could be the costliest disaster in U.S. history.

Our firm knows this because we’re experiencing it too—our Houston staff has lost homes, cars, and irreplaceable belongings in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Now, as we all return to ruined homes and figure out what to do next, there’s another obstacle between us and normal life: our insurance companies. Due to the lack of flood coverage in Houston and the use of obscure policy clauses, you’re likely to have your claim 100 percent denied if you’ve suffered any flood damage. Even if you have flood coverage under the NFIP (which is unlikely), you’re not going to get all the money you need. Remember: an insurance adjuster’s job is to give you as little as possible. That’s not what a decent person does in your time of need. Why do we accept it from our insurers?

Insurance Companies Are Slowing Down Our Recovery

Houston has never been more vulnerable, and now our fates are in the hands of the largest insurance providers in the nation—companies that have been accused (and found guilty) of deliberately denying valid claims to avoid paying for damages they promised to cover. After Hurricane Sandy, State Farm was found guilty of changing damage reports after the fact to avoid providing relief to homeowners. After Hurricane Katrina, Allstate was accused of sending engineers to write a damage report after coverage was denied—a symptom of bad faith insurance and fraudulent denial of relief.

Now, insurance companies are scrambling to let themselves off the hook for the billions of dollars in damages that our friends and neighbors are facing. Their efforts to protect their profits are forcing families like yours to stay in mold-ridden homes, stay for extended periods in costly hotels, and wait for relief until we lose our will to fight their adjusters. Our emotional, financial, and physical health is on the line—and all the insurance companies want to do is give us as little as possible to keep us quiet.

Arnold & Itkin refuses to let our neighbors' struggles be ignored.

We Are Arnold & Itkin. We Are Texans. We Fight for Our Own.

Our Houston firm was founded in 2004 to stand up for people against callous insurance providers. We have won billions of dollars for our clients because we know that companies don’t do the right thing unless you force them. Our team has seen every insurance trick in the book. It’s wrong when it’s done to an individual, but it’s even worse when it’s done to an entire city.

While insurance companies sat in their offices hundreds of miles away, Arnold & Itkin was gathering supplies for our neighbors, helping clean up our friends’ homes, and donating food and clothing to our communities. We did that because that’s what Texans do. We help our neighbors when they need it. It’s as simple as that. If you want to fight to rebuild your home, the only way to do it is to take your insurance claim to court. Our firm wants to help you hold your insurer accountable for delayed or denied claims. More importantly, we want to make sure they pay you every penny you need to get back on your feet.

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