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Flooding from Controlled Releases

Addicks & Barker Reservoir Flood Claims

If your home was destroyed by runoff from controlled releases from Lake Conroe, Addicks Reservoir, Barker Reservoir, or other basins, you have options. Call (888) 400-2101 now.

The San Jacinto River Basin contains multiple floodplains that put hundreds of thousands of Texas home at risk—including tens of thousands in the greater Houston area, the fastest growing region in the United States. Despite officials knowing about the risks of putting housing developments in places like Buffalo Bayou or below Lake Conroe, unregulated housing development allowed hundreds of thousands of homeowners to settle in the path of flood runoff. When flood management officials allowed for “controlled releases” during Harvey, it robbed tens of thousands of homeowners of their livelihoods and financial stability.

Controlled releases are legally sanctioned when reservoir levels exceed a certain height or put the structural integrity of the dam at risk—but not before that point. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have an ethical obligation to consider the homeowners in the path of the controlled release. Runoff from the upper part of the river can magnify the impact of any storm—allowing a 10-year storm to flood homes like a 100-year storm simply through overflow.

When officials facilitate a controlled release without any thought to communities downriver, even a routine storm becomes a catastrophe. During Harvey, runoff caused homes to completely detach from their foundations, teeter on the edge of sinkholes, and even become contaminated. Controlled releases “aggravate the flooding.” During a storm like Harvey, that’s no small thing.

Call Arnold & Itkin to Learn If You Have a Claim

It’s possible that the flood management in your area was negligent in their use of controlled releases.

If that’s the case, you can hold them accountable. Our Houston-based firm is currently taking cases to hold our city responsible for the billions of dollars of destruction caused by controlled releases. Because private insurance companies don’t cover flood damage, your only recourse for rebuilding your home could be through a claim against the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Arnold & Itkin LLP has spent our careers speaking truth to power. Our firm has fought against oil companies, insurance companies, and pharmaceutical corporations—winning billions of dollars for the people they’ve hurt. As Houston recovers from Hurricane Harvey, our firm only wants one thing: for our communities to get the money they need to rebuild, recover, and start fresh. If flood management officials contributed to the massive losses suffered by our neighbors, they should be made to pay for it.

Our firm is one of the most renowned names in trial law. Let us put our skills to use helping you rebuild your life. To learn if your home was destroyed by irresponsible controlled releases, call (888) 400-2101 as soon as possible.